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Part-time in-person UX training program based on real projects with real social impact clients

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Become a more hirable UX professional

Do you have basic UX skills you acquired recently, but lack real experience, which prevents you from getting a job? Our in-person part-time mentored program is designed exactly for people like you.

Build real experience

Work on real, meaningful and interesting UX project, get in-person client and mentor feedback and build up your portfolio & resume while keeping your day job

Expand your network

You will have regular in-person interaction with peers, mentors and guest professionals, who work and hire for UX and product roles.

Advance your skills

Learn by doing and enhance research, prototyping, user testing as well as leadership, teamwork and client management skills

About the program

Beginex is a selective part-time UX training program based on real social impact projects with real clients. It was designed by industry experts to help candidates transition into UX and is compatible with regular work schedule. The program is mentored by experienced UX practitioners from companies like Etsy, LearnVest, ThoughtWorks and Google. Candidates admitted to the program build skills and real experience, expand their professional networks and learn how to prepare and find a UX job.

Program timeline

Week 1

Client Introduction, Initiation & Planning

Week 2 to 3

User Research, Testing and Synthesizing

Week 4 to 7

Journey Mapping, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing and Iterating

Week 8

Portfolio & Job Readiness Workshops
Client Introduction, Initiation & Planning
User Research, Testing and Synthesizing
Journey Mapping, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing and Iterating
Journey Mapping, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing and Iterating
Portfolio & Job Readiness Workshops

How it works

Each week of the program is focused on one of the main phases of the UX process including research, user flows & sketching, wireframing, prototyping and user testing. The last phase is devoted to mentored hands-on portfolio, resume, job search strategy and mock interview workshops.

Meet your client

Your client is a real social impact organization, who you will meet at the weekly sessions

Collaborate with a team

Teams of 3-4 UX students work on a given project phase during the week

Get in-person feedback

Present your work to the client and mentors at the weekly session and receive feedback and guidance

Our mentors are from

Success stories

Beginex gave me the chance to work on my design skills in a real-world setting, turning me into a well-rounded UX professional and enabling me to become a Lead UX Designer/Strategist at ADP.
- Andrea Wilhelm, UX Designer/ Strategist at ADP
I gained valuable real-world UX Design and Research experience working on a team, being guided by expert mentors, and interacting with a real client. I also came away with a great case study for my portfolio, which helped me land a UX position.
- Mitchell Wulfman, UX Designer & Researcher at Awesome
The program helped me learn how to better defend design decisions (thanks to feedback from mentors) and communicate findings to stakeholders. With any educational program you get what you put in, and for me it was knowledge validation and confidence to pursue my current position.
- Wendy Chan, Digital Product Design Consultant, UX Team at Coach
Beginex provided me with an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills and gain real-world UX experience. As a result, the work I've done has helped me get hired as a UX designer.
- Victoria Honey, UX/UI designer at Dashlane
Working with a team on a real client project and covering all the key phases of the UX process really helped put me outside of the comfort zone - I learned a great deal and met awesome people along the way.
- Liz, UX Researcher at ADP
Working on a real and meaningful client project and receiving feedback from experienced mentors really helped me apply what I learned at Pratt and grow as a UX professional.
- Nishant Goyani, Pratt Master's Student


The program runs part-time for 12 weeks during which you have regular in-person interaction with a real social impact client and experienced mentors, who also help during the hands-on portfolio, resume, job search and mock interview workshops.
Next start date: October 10th (4 spots left)


New York City


Wed 6:30-9:30 PM

Weekly Workload

10-12 hrs outside of class


(payments available)

Why go through Beginex UX program?

Advance your UX skills by applying them to a meaningful real-world problem under guidance of expert mentors.
Gain real experience with real clients that hiring managers are looking for - all while having the flexibility to keep your day job.
Build the critical skills you can’t pick up in a textbook such as leadership and team collaboration, presentation and client management skills.
Expand your network by building relationships with leading UX professionals in our mentor network.
Become a part of our growing alumni community and enjoy access to a network of mentors, events and work opportunities.
Make an impact by doing what you love while helping a social impact organization.
Receive career support by learning about UX portfolio, resume and job search best practices, creating the key artifacts and getting personalized feedback from experienced mentors.
Get ready to find a job by mastering the UX interview process with hands-on design exercises and mock interviews.


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