What UX Hiring Managers Look For in Early-Career UX Candidates

Are you looking to transition into UX? Do you know what hiring managers really look for in early-career UX candidates? Understanding that can mean the difference between successfully landing that first role or searching for many more months (or even years).

This insightful session features Jared Spool, one of the top thought leaders and pioneers of the UX field and co-founder of Center Centre - UIE. Jared shares his expert insights on what UX hiring managers truly look for and how they assess candidates.

This is your opportunity to learn directly from one of the most influential voices in UX so you definitely do not want to miss this session. Go behind the scenes and understand what is going on in a UX hiring manager’s mind when they evaluate candidates - so you can nail your first UX job search and have an edge over lots of other candidates in a competitive market.

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