How to Learn UX Quickly and Affordably w/ UX Pros from Dell, Corteva & SimpleCitizen

About the video:

Are you looking to transition into UX in these unprecedented times? Do you want to avoid wasting a ton of time and money while going in wrong directions? There is a sea of information out there and when you are starting out, it can be extremely confusing and overwhelming to understand what exactly you need to learn as well as how and where. There is a large variety of tactics and ways to learn and build UX skills as well as tons of books, websites, courses, bootcamps and programs ranging in price from free to tens of thousands of dollars. You can easily spend many months (or even years) just on learning the foundations if you do not have a clear roadmap and know what exactly to focus on. Worse yet, even after all that effort, you can still end up being not hirable in the eyes of potential employers.

Watch this interactive virtual event recording to understand what specifically it is most important to learn first, what the different options are, and how you can do it in the most efficient way. We start with a quick talk and then interview UX professionals from Dell, Corteva and SimpleCitizen, who successfully made this career transition and talk about their journey, key roadblocks and how to overcome those so you can learn quickly, efficiently and save a ton of time and money.


Victoria Honey, Lead UX Designer at Corteva; formerly UX at Organic, Synechron and Macy’s
Lacey Langlois, Design Ops at Dell
Kirstie Amara Espiritu, Product Designer at SimpleCitizen; formerly Product Designer at Fragomen
Michael Lapin, Founder and Program Director at Beginex UX Career Accelerator


Talk & Interactive Speaker Panel + Live Q&A

Key Takeaways:

- Learn from real UX practitioners and get advice on your career
- Get insights from a comprehensive audience Q&A session
- Understand how people from different backgrounds learned UX and made their transitions
- What exactly it is most important to learn first, and what the different options/platforms are
- What the major mistakes and time-wasters are when learning UX fundamentals
- How to learn UX in the most efficient way and save tons of time and money
- What skills and competencies you really need to actually become a UX designer

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