How to Build Real UX Work Experience & Strong Case Studies to Land Your First Job

Are you looking to transition into the UX field without having to quit your current job? Do you want to avoid wasting months (or even years) receiving countless demotivating rejections b/c you “lack experience”?

While you might be just starting to learn or already have some UX skills and student projects in your portfolio, you may have heard that what will ultimately get you hired is professional experience and a strong portfolio with real comprehensive UX case studies. However, how on earth do you get there and solve this eternal catch-22 problem? Turns out, there are ways to do that and become a highly hirable candidate who can stand out in the sea of entry-level candidates with only hypothetical projects in their portfolios. (Moreover, you do not actually have to first get a full-time UX job to achieve that  :)

This interactive and virtual fireside chat features a UX manager from Google, who is also a teacher at UC Berkeley and an experienced mentor who helped over 110 people transition into the field. We discuss how exactly you can build real UX work experience and strong case studies so you can become a highly marketable candidate and nail that first UX job search.

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