How to Become Hirable & Land Your First UX Role (w/o Quitting Your Job and Spending a Fortune)

What you will learn:
How to become highly marketable and break into UX w/o spending a fortune and quitting your job
The key pitfalls and how to avoid wasting months or years of your time
How real people from different backgrounds made their UX career transitions
What the biggest roadblocks and solutions are
Which skills and competencies you really need to get a UX job
How to build the skills and work experience employers want
How to gain a competitive advantage in the job market
Which job search strategies are actually effective
What UX hiring process is like and how to prepare for the interviews
Learn how candidates got hired by:
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Alumni success stories

From Analyst to UX Designer
Beginex gave me the chance to work on my design skills in a real-world setting, turning me into a well-rounded UX professional and enabling me to become a Lead UX Designer/Strategist at ADP.
- Andrea Wilhelm, Senior UX Designer/ Strategist at ADP
From Art Director to Product Designer
At Beginex, I developed a strong foundation in UX design and research skills by working on a real client project with a team and receiving expert level guidance from UX professionals in the field. Through the program, I was able to add real world UX design experience to my portfolio which helped me attain a UX role.
- Chris Jiménez, Product Designer at Olo
From Graphic Designer to Digital Product Designer
The program helped me learn how to better defend design decisions (thanks to feedback from mentors) and communicate findings to stakeholders. With any educational program you get what you put in, and for me it was knowledge validation and confidence to pursue my current position.
- Wendy Chan, Digital Product Designer, UX Team at Coach
From Graphic Design to UX
Beginex provided me with an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills and gain real-world UX experience. As a result, the work I've done has helped me get hired as a UX designer.
- Victoria Honey, UX designer at Macy's
From Nonprofit Management to UX Research
Working with a team on a real client project and covering all the key phases of the UX process really helped put me outside of the comfort zone - I learned a great deal and met awesome people along the way.
- Liz, UX Researcher at ADP
From Student to UX Designer
Working on a real and meaningful client project and receiving feedback from experienced mentors really helped me apply what I learned at Pratt, grow as a professional and land a UX role.
- Nishant Goyani, UX at RBC
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