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The UX Design Process: An Actionable Guide To Your First Job In UXThe Design Sprint - Overview (Google Ventures)The Design Sprint - BOOK (Google Ventures)UX Process (UX Apprentice by Balsamiq)How To Conduct User Experience Research Like A ProfessionalA Five-Step Process For Conducting User ResearchHow To Create UX PersonasA Closer Look At Personas: What They Are And How They Work (Part 1)Card Sorting 101User Research Brief Builder WorkbookThe Practical Guide to Empathy MapsEmpathy MapsUser testing in 10 minutesUser testing - from ‘Sprint’ book by GV: The Five-Act Interview (Video)10 Simple Steps to Start User Testing by Tomorrow (and Why You Should)9 Steps for Creating the Perfect User TestWhy 5 is the Magic Number in UX Usability TestingHow to Create a Customer Journey MapBuild It With The User in Mind: How to Design User FlowFlow Design Processes - Focusing on the Users' NeedsUX Tools for Organizing InformationA Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Effective User Journey MapsCreating Perfect User Flows for Smooth UXCreately - a user flow tool5 Tips from 5 Designers to Improve Your UX SketchesEtch A Sketch: How to Use Sketching in User Experience DesignThe Messy Art Of UX SketchingComplete Beginner’s Guide to Information ArchitectureHow To Create Your First WireframeLearning to Wireframe: 10 Best PracticesUNBOX: The Wireframing Course (PAID)What Is a Prototype: A Guide to Functional UXThe beginner’s guide to UX prototypingPrototyping Tools (Great list by Cooper, the design firm)UX Pin guide to prototypingDesigner’s Guide to PrototypingThe 7 Best Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers in 2016Switch to sketch course by InVisionSketch basics (Treehouse - very good; paid, but have free trial)Sketch 3 TutorialsLearn Sketch: the Basics (Lynda; paid, but have free trial)Best UX Portfolio Building Tools9 Tips for creating UX portfolioCreating Better UX Portfolios: 4 Do’s and Dont’sMinimum Viable UX Portfolio10 Steps to a Perfect UX PortfolioThe pro guide to the perfect UX portfolioUX Portfolio Best Practices, Best Portfolios and ToolsUdemy: Ultimate UX Portfolio Course (paid, but search for discount codes online)Quora: what makes a great UX design portfolio?Quora: what is the best way to build a UX design portfolio10 Inspiring UX portfolios10 UX Portfolios done right5 Steps to Master Whiteboard Design ChallengeThe Design Sprint - BOOK (Google Ventures)UX design course/resource list by Springboard (multiple free & paid resources combined)Coursera: Learn how to design great user experiences (by UC San Diego Design Lab; 4 wks x 3-4 hrs per week)Udacity: Product Design Course by Google (~2 months)Skillshare: UX design online classesUdemy: Become a UX Designer (paid, but inexpensive; 5.5 hrs)31 UX FundamentalsUser Experience (UX) Resources